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Sense of Harmony

Cybernetically enhanced Elizabeth Boldan tries to find herself while working part-time at a Toronto Rub 'n Tug.

10th Place in the 2020 IF Comp

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    Scenario World

    About Us

    We develop narrative games and run discussion groups around history, politics, and video games. Presently, we're working on speculative fiction set in our homeland, Canada.

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    Meet Us

    The Team

    Wants his characters to find their way; doesn't know how to get there himself.

    Brook Jensen

    Writer | Designer | Programmer

    Bandleader (Octorock, Hart House Jazz Orchestra) and Audio Engineer, both skills are now plyed simultaneously to make great sounding games

    Liam Gallagher

    Audio Producer

    Rehabilitated graphic designer. Doesn't want to be told to go traveling for vacation; just wants to stay home and draw.

    Vivay Li

    Concept Artist | Illustrator

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